Corporate classes

Too often, particularly in the workplace, we spend our day hunched over a desk or driving in an uncomfortable position. 

Yoga is particularly good for helping release the physical tension and back pain that can occur from sitting with a poor posture.   By working with the breath yoga reduces stress and anxiety.  The number of workers taking time off for complaints such as chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, migraines, depression and anxiety, all caused by stress, is ever increasing and could cost your company more than you realise. 

The practice of yoga can help your employees to manage and reduce their stress levels, and ultimately improve their working practices and productivity.    At the end of a class they will feel longer (the  spine will be stretched), fitter, but most importantly, calm and renewed. 


Let it be Yoga can offer classes that take place on your premises in the early morning, during lunchtime or after work and can be adapted to your needs. Deborah has taught regularly the staff of Intercontinental Hotels Global Headquarters, Computer Associates and AbbVie.


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